The Valve Steam Deck is AWESOME!

This is going to change the PC world as we know it

WOW the Valve Steam Deck is super duper IMPRESSIVE!


1. This is a full-fledged top-tier PC crammed into the form factor of a tablet. You can basically do 90% of anything you can do on a regular PC... with a baseline battery life of 5-6 hours on a moderately intensive PC game! How were they able to cram this much battery life into a system like this without a physical fan??

2. This price point is incredible value-for-money for the tech specs they're offering. Wow I can't believe they're selling this for $399!

3. It has the full flexibility of being open-source (e.g. Android), no walled garden ecosystem (e.g. Apple), not tied down to Steam's own platform (can play any other company's games on it)... and it runs Windows (basically can run any software)!

4. Developers can hack this and do literally anything imaginable with it. WOW! A financial analyst could run Excel spreadsheets on this thing. The US military could use this to pilot drones in the field… without having to make any modifications whatsoever!

5. GAMES, GAMES, GAMES! Valve's immense Steam library means they solve the user-developer chicken-and-egg problem on Day 1 (users and developers only adopt ecosystems where they can find each other). This has the potential to leapfrog Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox overnight!

6. Because it's running Windows and not some kind of proprietary new software platform... you can run literally decades worth of existing Windows PC gaming hacks and mods on it. No other dedicated gaming system can do this to this day… and the PC gaming community is going to embrace this thing in droves! You could even run a software emulator to simulate an old school Gameboy or Playstation to play Pokémon. It is going to create an entirely new category of mid-tier games!

7. It has all the bare necessities required to accommodate the maximum user base market... Bluetooth, a headphone jack, brightness sensor, touchscreen, expandable microSD storage... you can basically connect this to a keyboard, mouse and monitor and not have to buy a PC/laptop! Mindboggling power for the low, low price of $399!

8. This combination of i) power, ii) form factor, iii) versatility and iv) price legitimately qualifies the Steam Deck as an entirely new product category. This has the potential to be as revolutionary to the PC industry as the iPhone was to the phone industry! It has created a new mid-tier market in the semiconductor industry… and might also have restored the relevance of the x86 CISC semiconductor chip sector literally overnight!

9. This thing is going to FLY off the shelves the moment it hits the market... I am going to be a Day 1 customer... and I'm not even going to be using it for games! The Total Addressable Market (TAM) is HUUGGEE!!! Literally anybody in the middle-income world is a potential customer! WOW!!!

I'm sorry for sounding like a fangirl at a Justin Bieber concert... but THIS is the stuff of dreams and rainbows! It is as close to PERFECTION as reality will ever come… it is quite literally a gamechanger! Mark my words: the next decade will be FULL of competitors producing full-fledged handheld PCs exactly like this! LIFE. IS. AWESOME!!!

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