Europe's Plan to Unify Its Economy

Seriously interesting 8-minute video about how the Eurozone intends to rescue itself from its debt-ridden growth vacuum. Don't count the Eurozone out yet!

1. Develop and fortify an Eurowide infrastructure (i.e. roads, rail, bridges, tunnels) to entwine the real economies of all Euro countries. Expand the Eurozone's economic center of balance from the Blue Banana to the Euro peripheries.

2. 30-year master plan to develop a free trade zone with North Africa, through its underbellies of Spain, Italy and Greece. Africa is expected to have a population of 2 billion by 2050, and exports to develop the continent in 2050 when the global manufacturing center shifts to there from ASEAN will send Europe's exports into overdrive.

2a. This explains Germany's compassionate stance towards the Syrians in opening its borders (at Merkel's own political risk), and provides a window of opportunity for the Eurozone to improve its trade balance and pay off its debt. There is hope for Europe.

3. Europe's main competitor for long-term favor in the African continent is China. The Euro-African free trade zone is as strategically significant for the bloc as China's OBOR is in a geopolitical and geoeconomic context. 

4. The endgame seems to simply be for Europe to survive long enough as a united entity until it can export to Africa in 2050, and beat China to the punch there influentially before Africa emerges into global economic significance.