Or Is This Government-Linked National Duopoly With Massive Business Moats Finally Undervalued Today - With A Market Cap of Just RM 350M (USD 80M)?
ULTIMATE COLD CALL: Economics Minister Rafizi & BNM Governor Shamsiah, I have great respect for both of your work. Please invite me for a coffee... I'd…
How Value Investors Think About Risk - And What It Means To Be An (Risk) Intelligent Investor
BUKA has a <Net Cash-to-Market Cap ratio of 80%>, after its share price fell by -74.1% in 1.5 years... does this make its shares undervalued yet? And…
Unravelling the Outsized Influence of the Overseas Chinese Tycoons on ASEAN's Economic Future - and Why BUKA Isn't Just Another Indonesian E-Commerce…
CODENAME:WARUNG - A 101 Primer of Indonesia's B2B E-commerce 1-Stop-Shop & the Warung Industry of Indonesia's ex-Tier 1 Cities
An Open Letter from a Contrarian to Mark Zuckerberg (and the Meta Board of Directors); And How to Justify a Meta Investment at 24x PE
An EM alternative to China Industrials priced at death's door - TOPG's founder has *singlehandedly* bought nearly 1% of its TOTAL outstanding shares YTD
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