Your journey as a value investor in ASEAN... begins here!
Omicron has a Black Friday Sale... waiting in Malaysia for you!
Radio show host: "What do you think BJCORP's shares are worth? Between RM 5.00 - RM 10.00?" CEO: "Yes. Closer to RM 10.00." Current share price: RM 0.25
My 2nd primer on Value Investing - and how investing in Value Factor stocks helps you sleep better when investing in Emerging Markets (e.g. ASEAN)
Missed out on Innature's 30% gain since my May 2021 report? No worries... here's another one!
This stock has risen by 80% since my first report in Apr 2020... but there's still another 40% upside remaining!
The ASEAN Growth Story - the next China over the coming 30 years
Understanding China Macro - and how you can make a 200% return by buying Evergrande's bonds today
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